The Algorithmic Prison

Search for youself on duck duck go and on google. What do you find?

A few weeks ago, Jesse fed some of our site into Voyant Tools. Let’s build on that, and compare our corpus of materials against another digital history grad seminar. See this post by Brian Croxall for how to do that in Voyant.

Similarly, I’d like you to use overviewproject to explore some materials too. Here’s John Adams’ diary already formatted for you, for upload. By the way, you can upload the same file to Voyant. It would be interesting to compare the two platforms in terms of ‘what we can know’. Here are our tweets from the last week. Feed them into Voyant too

Let’s see how far our public conversation has gone. Download, install, and run NodeXL Search #hist5702x

Finally,  can make some quite nice visualizations. Can we use it to visualize interesting patterns detected in overview or voyant? What about with this data from the CWGC?

Other services are out there. I haven’t used this, but it might be interesting to play with too: Tableau

Wget is something you will need in the future – see this exchange with Kellen Kurschinski