To explore some of the major issues in digital history as they pertain to Public History; to develop some facility with augmented reality media in the context of a public museum and their implications for the practice of Public History.

Major Project Outcome:

The creation of a major mixed media project with the Canada Science and Technology Museum, an augmented reality pop-up coffee-table book with associated online digital repository, demonstrating an awareness of the ways digital history can be used to bridge between the museum’s collections and the public.

Minor outcomes:

A body of public reflections on the process of doing digital history; a reflection on the entire process of doing the major project that expresses a critical evaluation of the evolution of the student’s engagement with digital history.


Selected items from the Air Canada collection currently housed at the Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa.

Digital Identity

An essential part of the life of the scholar […] is your digital identity. How do you present online when people find you through a Google search (as they inevitably will)? What kind of scholar are you? What are your skills? Your interests? Are you an interesting person? Do you take part in debates of consequence? It used to be that outside of our circle of close friends and colleagues, others knew us through our published work. In today’s scholarly ecosystem, we are known by our digital footprint as well as by our “published” work.”

—Mills Kelly

Blogging is part of a developing ecosystem of digital artefacts that form an increasingly more important part of one’s scholarly persona. You need to think carefully about how you present yourself online, and if you aren’t already doing so, crafting a niche for yourself there. You may wish to obtain a domain of your own; I would recommend http://reclaimhosting.com as a place to start. Other possibilities include setting up a free WordPress blog, a blog with DH@CWorks, an Academia.edu or About.me page to gather together your published works, or a LinkedIn.com profile. For the purposes of this course, you will be blogging, either here or in your own space, so do check out WordPress or Blogger.

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